Oz Revisited

Return to the Land of Oz

Based on L.Frank Baum's 'Ozma of Oz' this is a unique Wizard of Oz musical adventure story, with familiar faces and brand-new characters.    It has been three years since the tornado swept Dorothy off to the Land of Oz and it is still all she can talk about, much to the frustration of Auntie Em. Uncle Henry is sick and must travel, by boat, to Australia to rest and recouperate and Dorothy is to go with him. During their voyage, a huge storm consumes their boat and Dorthy wakes up to find herself back in Oz. Only things are not quite as she remembered. Where's Scarecrow? Who are the Wheelers? Where are the Ruby Slippers? Who now rules the land of Oz? Dorothy must rediscover her courage and remember to use her head to save the Land of Oz from its Tyrannical Ruler.

Ensemble Size: 40+

Rated: Universal

Run Time: 100mins



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