Doctor Dolittle

Speaking with the animals.

A fast-paced musical adventure with a powerful environmental messages at its heart. After a long day at work, Dr Dolittle begins his journey home. Not watching where he is going, Dolittle suffers a bump to the head... slowly he begins to realise his accident means he can now speak with the animals. While speaking with a Swallow, Dolittle learns of an awful plight in South America, deforestation has led to a terrible disease - Monkey-Fever - spreading throughout the Amazon Rainforest. Dr Dolittle vows to sail to South America to save the monkeys and the Rainforest. However, a Circus Master with a vendetta against Dolittle will do all he can to stop him. Join Dr Dolittle, Sarah, Koko the Monkey and all of Dolittle's animal friends on a bold, audacious and daring musical adventure. 

Ensemble Size: 40+

Rated: Universal

Run Time: 100mins




MEDIA PLAYER - coming soon